Fenland Broadband - getting the fenland towns in Cambridgeshire ADSL Broadband enabled
Page archived for reference from 2006, during the ADSL Broadband rollout process.
Fenland Broadband

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This website is independently run, and has no association with BT, any ISP, or any government agency. The website was set up to help generate interest in ADSL and promote the pre-registration system which BT launched in 2002, with the aim of getting enough people on each exchange to pre-register so as BT are able to upgrade the local exchanges. For the latest information direct from BT about this region, see their Broadband rollout in the East of England page.

ADSL Broadband in your town
Large parts of Fenland Cambridgeshire have already been enabled for ADSL Broadband since the campaign started, all thanks to you registering your interest!

Some of the towns and villages which have the service include Ramsey, Yaxley, Whittlesey, Chatteris, March, Ely, Soham, Sawtry, Somersham, and Warboys.

Fenland area gets 8Mbps ADSL - March 2006
ADSL Broadband will be offered to users in the Fenland area at "up to 8Mbps" speeds from March 31st 2006, with BT enabling exchanges for the "Max speed" service, and service provider PlusNet already confirming that they will have 8Mbps packages available from March 31st with prices starting as low as £14.99!

It's believed that all currently enabled exchanges in the Fenland area will support these new higher speeds, although your line will have to be of a good enough quality and near enough to the exchange to receive the higher speeds for technical reasons. Other ISP's are expected to follow with similar announcements in the coming weeks.

BT Announce end to registration scheme - 27th April 2004
BT Wholesale have announced that the pre-registration scheme has come to an end, and instead the company is to rollout broadband to "nearly all" by Summer 2005, which will see 99.6% of households and businesses able to get the service.

Specific details of how this will affect remaining locations currently without broadband in the Fenland area are unknown, and not expected to be confirmed until June 2004 when full rollout details will be confirmed. Some 1,128 exchanges are expected to be enabled under the new scheme, based on results which have built up during the previous two years of the pre-registration system.

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ADSL Demand tracker
Ramsey live 9/4/03
Yaxley live 16/4/03
March live 14/5/03
Whittlesey live 4/6/03
Ely live 18/6/03
Sawtry live 18/6/03
Chatteris live 29/8/03
Somersham live 24/9/03
Soham live 15/10/03
Warboys live 29/10/03
Abbots Ripton live 4/8/04
Mereside live 5/1/05
Benwick live 20/4/05
Manea live 15/6/05
Figures updated 10/07/05. Dates in green are active and red are exchanges still to go live.

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